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At Bookmitrip, you can apply to different countries like Cambodia, India, China, Mexico, Turkey, and Uganda with ease. You have to select the country you want to apply for the international visa online, and we will redirect you to our official visa partner, where you can get a Tourist visa online within 24 hours.              

For applying for an international visa online, you have to submit your visit visa application on iVisa, supporting it with appropriate documents, passport, application, and processing fees; that’s it. After this, you have to make an online appointment for the physical interview and verification.                        

The application and verification fees for applying for an international visa online completely depend on the website that handles this task. Many a time, it differs from one source to another.

People who are citizen of India anytime after 26th January 1950 or belong to any territory that has become part of India after 15th august 1947, he/she and his/her grand children are eligible for OCI registration.

Step-by-step procedure for applying for OCI online

  1. Determine the OCI Category. Select the appropriate category…
  2. Start working on your application. Begin working on your application.
  3. Complete the mail-in application registration process and pay the costs (both are required)…
  4. Please send your physical application to VFS.
  5. Following the receipt of a postal application…
  6. Keep an eye on your application.
You must first create an account on the website in order to apply for OCI online. You can apply for a single member of your family or your entire family at once. An OCI card is simple to obtain.

India’s Overseas Citizenship Services

The OCI-Registration process is completed entirely online. Eligible individuals should register using the provided link. An application will only be deemed an OCI-Card Applicant after completing and successfully registering. The steps to completing a successful registration.

  • All applicants must complete the online application form and upload a copy of their foreign passport and PIO card to the website.
  • 2 photos, as specified in the photo specs
  • Passport from another country.
  • A photocopy of a foreign passport is required.
  • PIO (Personal Information Organization) id (in original)
  • A copy of the PIO card has been made.

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