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Discover new cultures and have a wonderful rest with Backpack Story! Select the country you’d like to visit and provide our agents with estimated time – they’ll find and offer the most suitable tours and hotels.

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Bookmitrip is one of the best online travel booking advisor sites where you can find favorable deals on hotels, flights, car rental at discounted rates. This service provider doesn’t organize booking for the client; instead, it offers the best deals from trusted agents.

Bookmitrip is a travel Meta search website that compares and finds the best deals on flights and hotels. We don’t charge any booking fees. Besides, you can only search and compare travel accommodation prices, as we don’t sell them.

Travel agents charge few fees to entertain your queries, but the services of an online travel booking advisor are free of cost. Therefore, via travel booking advisor access online, you can easily compare and analyze the best deal for you.

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